Elbatron GmbH

Due to the cooperation with the research and development departments in the cigarette industry and the associated secrecy requirements, the necessity arose to keep resources in the areas of mechanics, electrics/electronics and data technology in-house.

As a result, Elbatron is now in a position to handle projects comprehensively and across divisions.

Cross-industry know-how and the possibility of interdisciplinary cooperation increasingly form the basis for successful solutions.

Elbatron consistently follows this path in order to be able to offer its customers individual solutions adapted to their requirements.

Often mental demarcations of the different technical fields prevent good solutions. Elbatron compensates for this by solution-oriented and competent linking of the different specialist areas.

Our customers come from various industries, such as the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and printing industries.

Due to the resulting wide variety of requirements, Elbatron has cross-industry knowledge. As a result, Elbatron can offer you individual, technically and economically optimized solutions that are increasingly oriented towards the term "Intelligent Production" or "Industry 4.0".

Elbatron is proud of its employee base consisting of the most diverse specialists. With this team, Elbatron consistently succeeds in exceeding the high expectations of its customers. Every technical problem is additional motivation for Elbatron to work out a solution goal with commitment.

Every customer experiences this in the open and honest cooperation.

  • Robotic, automation, vision

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