IFC Intelligent Feeding Components

IFC – Creative Forge in Feed Technology

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” According to Aristotle’s motto, IFC understands sorting - feeding - automating as more than just the addition of individual components. From design to manufacturing to assembly, there are various efficiency factors in assembly and handling technology that IFC can use in close cooperation with the user in favor of a mechatronics-oriented feed and quality inspection technology.

IFC Intelligent Feeding Components GmbH has been using technologies for conveying, sorting, assembling, testing and feeding as well as robot-supported systems for over 15 years to professionally automate the targeted movement of piece goods of all kinds.IFC has solid engineering experience in assembly and handling technology in the automotive supplier and automotive industry, the electrical and electronics industry, metal and plastic processing, and the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. The focus for IFC is always systemic flexibility - from a low-cost automation solution to a growing assembly solution. There are no limits to technological creativity - including detailed refinements in system design that further increase efficiency.


Innovative feed and assembly technology means more to IFC than a contactless type, position and quality inspection of small parts: Not only the sorted goods, but also the customer “is right” with the engineering competence to realize a system flexibly and modularly.


We at IFC combine high-quality automation components, subsystems and services - for sustainable feeding, handling and transporting of tomorrow. If we succeed in making our customers better with our contribution, the added value is created, which represents a central aspect of our corporate philosophy. A partnership that creates partners!

  • More than 15 years of experience

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