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Automated material handling with sheet metal parts

Pre-assembly or pre-sorting of sheet metal parts

Hardware Price:


5 seconds


more than 3 Million cycles


No lubrication

This customer wanted to automate the pre-sorting of sheet metal parts in its production. The implementation was then carried out with an igus Robolink DP 5-axis robot and a special fixture. The robot picks up the sheet metal parts and places them at the desired position. From there, an employee can then use the parts further.

The Robolink DP 5 is a 5-axis robot with a reach of 790 mm and a maximum payload of 3 kg. If additional working space is required, the DP 5 can also be additionally mounted on a drylin® seventh axis. With the igus Robot Control, the jointed-arm robot can be easily programmed for the appropriate application.

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