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Compliance with the customer-specific cycle time with a room gantry robot

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Technical Video Description: Pick and Place Customer Test at igusThe video documents a test run of an igus gantry robot. This is an automated system designed for pick-and-place tasks. It is equipped with a Schunk EGP gripper, a mechanical device used for gripping and moving objects.During the test, the system is evaluated for its ability to meet the cycle time requirements of a specific customer project.

The focus is on the handling of plastic components. These components are moved from one position to another.The igus gantry robot and the Schunk EGP gripper work together to accomplish the task. The movements of the system are precise and efficient, which is crucial for meeting the cycle time requirements of the customer project.

The video provides a technical overview of the performance of the igus gantry robot and the Schunk EGP gripper, and shows how they can be used for the automation of pick-and-place tasks. It highlights the technical aspects and the efficiency of the system in handling plastic components.

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