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Cycle time test in our customer test area

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In the video, a customer test is being conducted in the igus Customer Test Area. The main focus is on an igus gantry, which is at the center of the test.The gantry is a highly advanced device designed for a variety of applications. It consists of multiple axes that can be moved in different directions to allow precise positioning.During the test, the team tries to meet the customer’s cycle time specification. This is an important metric that reflects the efficiency and performance of the gantry. The cycle time refers to the time the gantry needs to complete a full motion sequence.The team carefully monitors various parameters and performance indicators to ensure that the gantry is functioning properly and achieving the set goals. They make adjustments and optimize the system to achieve the best possible performance.Overall, the video provides a detailed insight into the testing process and the technical aspects of the igus gantry. It shows the team’s efforts to meet customer expectations while ensuring the quality and reliability of their products.

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