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Insert small parts with igus ReBeL and an electrical vacuum pump

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In this video, a customer test by igus is presented. The main actor is the igus ReBeL, an innovative robot capable of inserting nuts into a fixture.

The igus ReBeL is a lightweight robot designed for a variety of applications. In this particular test, it is used to precisely insert nuts into a fixture. This process is supported by an electric Cobot pump, which provides the ReBeL with the necessary energy.

The video shows how the igus ReBeL efficiently and precisely inserts the nuts into the fixture. It demonstrates the capabilities of the robot and the benefits of its use in industrial applications. It’s an impressive example of igus’ advanced technology and its application in practice.

In summary, the video is an excellent example of the application of igus technology in real industrial environments, showing how robots like the igus ReBeL can help optimize processes and increase efficiency.

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