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Pick and place process with customizable magnetic gripper

igus xyz gantry in combination with DIY magnetic gripper

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In this special customer test, the handling of heavy metal lids was the focus. These lids, typically used in industrial applications, pose a challenge due to their weight and size.To overcome this challenge, an igus gantry was used. The igus gantry is a high-precision device known for its ability to perform accurate movements in a three-dimensional space. It is particularly suitable for tasks that require handling heavy loads, as in this case the metal lids.An essential part of the test setup was a magnetic gripper. This gripper was specially designed for this test and consisted of aluminum profiles and electromagnets. The aluminum profiles provided a robust and lightweight structure, while the electromagnets provided the necessary attraction force to safely grip and hold the metal lids.Through the combination of the igus gantry and the magnetic gripper, the handling of the heavy metal lids could be carried out without any problems. The gripper was able to safely pick up the lids, transport them to the desired location, and precisely place them there.This test impressively demonstrated the performance and versatility of both the igus gantry and the specially designed magnetic gripper. It became clear that these technologies are capable of mastering even demanding handling tasks in industrial applications.

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